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I expect this game to be easier than it is since it is A) flash and B) has very crude graphics. I love flash games and crude graphics, but to me they generally imply a more story based experience whereas this has very difficult platforming sections.

The other problem is that the difficulty doesn't seem to add anything, it's just difficult for the sake of difficulty. We don't get a sense for why we're struggling or why a particular room is harder than another. In a different game, a high level of difficulty at the final boss (for example) is expected, likely foreshadowed, and adds to the satisfaction of beating the game here. In this game it just feels like an endless grind and I'm not sure exactly why I'm toiling away.

That said, the graphical style is awesome.

I got the all-time high score. I kind of like the idea of making the quiz questions influence score, but it's kind of a mixed design that doesn't really hold together. The rhythm part is pretty good although sometimes ambiguous. Sometimes I hit the right button at the wrong time and the text on the screen still says "perfect," or whatever even. The enemy dying sound could be better. Overall, I like the idea of applying a rhythm game to network defense and it was entertaining for the 5 minutes that I played it.

I know you say the infinity jump is not a glitch, but it kind of eradicates any kind of meaningful challenge since I can just infinity jump over everything and never deal with obstacles. The lighting mechanic in the last level is kind of cool, but bugs out when I infinity jump over the level so that I can see everything. I liked how you did the credits.

SunOh responds:

Yeah... I wasn't expecting the mouse to do infinity jumps...

And I didn't expect the "bug" for the last room.

I was still new to Flash...

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